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Hi, welcome all to Buy Used iPhone.net, At Buy Used iPhone, we all have common goals: To buy the best used iPhone; To sell an iPhone (or cellphone) at best price. We do not trade iPhone here, BUT we are happy to share tips, experiences and matters needing attention before buying used iPhone or selling used iPhone. Just come and check or leave something for others reference.

A Little Back Story

Before I established this website, I just graduated from my university in Wisconsin and just started my carrier in real estate industry and start being an assistant for a real estate broker. I moved from Wisconsin to California where I think is the most expensive place but the real estate market is super blooming in USA. But I start face all problems: expensive gas, expensive apartment rent and expensive everything…especially for a starter.

Then, I try my best to lower my bills: I buy used car, used cellphone, and almost used everything; use the cheapest wireless carrier and almost all have-to have but cheapest service.

Then, after several months, one-day morning, when I went to work, my boss told me that he called me many times for an emergency, but I can not be reached out. I then bring out my phone and check, but there isn’t any missed call. I try to make phone call, but it can not be called out… …
The problem above is just one of those thousand troubles the used cellphone give me. I decide to learn more about used cellphone after I suffered those problems. After several years experience collecting, I now can buy a used iPhone with confidence, I often help my friends to choose and buy a right used iPhone, iPhone-related products almost all follow-on service. We all use them without any problem or issues and this make a result that we save a lot money on cell phone related cost.

Why We Build This Buy Used iPhone.net

There must a group of people in similar situation who work so hard and try their best to lower bills as many as (including lowering their cellphone bills) they can. Why not sharing these experiences and tips to public? This website (Buy Used iPhone.net) is a place where collects experiences and tips regard to buying used iPhone and cellphone as many as we can.

Actually, used cars are also worth learning in order to lower your bills, but it is more complicated and need more time when comparing with used cellphone. What’s more, learning used cars need a lot skills and practice. However, learning used phone is just about knowledge. It’s a simpler and easier entry point for me to start lowering my bills. I think it is same to you.


Everyone can get those experiences and tips regard to buying used iPhone and cellphones by simply viewing our posts and comments on Buy Used iPhone.net; After done that, everyone can choose their right iPhone and save more money on their cellphone-related expense from then on.

Our Common Goal

* To buy the best right used iPhone (or cellphone) for yourself

* To sell your iPhone (or cellphone) at top dollar.

* To reduce monthly expenses from lowering your cellphone-related expenses

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Buy Used iPhone



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